VinFast introduces electric pickup truck Wild.

On January 9, 2024, at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada, VinFast Auto unveiled an entirely new concept pickup truck – the VF Wild.

VinFast VF Wild represents the first pickup truck model announced by VinFast, affirming the company’s strong commitment to expanding its product range and promoting sustainable mobility through intelligent, versatile, safe, and easily accessible electric vehicle designs for everyone.

The VF Wild concept vehicle showcases VinFast’s breakthrough creative capability in creating a modern, spacious electric pickup truck, offering a sustainable transportation solution with robust performance for the new generation of users.

Belonging to the mid-size pickup truck segment, the VF Wild measures 5,324 mm in length and 1,997 mm in width. Its sleek design will optimize space through a flexible expandable cargo area, achieved with the automatic folding feature of the windshield and rear seats, increasing cargo length from 1,524 to 2,438 mm.

This size is the longest among vehicles in the same segment, providing ample space for users to carry goods, relax, or entertain in the vehicle, maximizing convenience.

The VF Wild concept vehicle also integrates a panoramic sunroof and electric rearview mirrors, enhancing the vehicle’s aerodynamics.

The design of the VF Wild is the result of collaboration between VinFast and Gomotiv Design Company (Australia), involving over 8,000 hours of research and development, with the participation of many leading designers. Inspired by the image of a superhero’s cape fluttering in the wind, VinFast and Gomotiv engineers creatively crafted the “Flow Power” design language specifically for the VF Wild.

VinFast’s new concept vehicle also introduces a fresh naming convention. “Wild” symbolizes the power of nature and a readiness to challenge all limits to break through towards a greener future for everyone – a mission that the Vietnamese car manufacturer always pursues.

Ms. Tran Mai Hoa, Deputy General Director of Global Sales and Marketing at VinFast, shared: “We are proud to introduce the VF Wild, a model that strongly affirms our goal of creating high-quality, sustainable electric vehicles easily accessible to diverse customers. This isn’t just a new product line for VinFast but also a bold commitment of the brand to penetrate the rapidly developing global electric pickup truck market.”

With the inherent strength of the pickup truck segment, capable of conquering all types of terrains and harsh environments, VF Wild will be developed by VinFast to become an inspiration for breaking away from everyday urban life and blending into the beautiful natural surroundings.

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